About us


 "Love of dog is a pure, unbroken by egoism,  faithful inhuman faithfulness. 

Human isn't capable of such love. The dog loves in spite of everything, 

unconditionally and forgiving all tripping up on the way ..."

                                                                                                    Joanna Sommer


       Love to Bernese, like any other love, came to us suddenly and at first sight. So far, the dogs in our family were thrown to us by fate. After the loss of Sarah (GS) wanted fill the emptiness after her, by chance we found information about Bernese Mountain Dog. We knew already that this is the perfect breed for us.


    ...and so in our home resident Koja - the first puppy in our family.

The longer we lived together the more we became convinced that it was a perfect choice. Unfortunately, joy of shared life didn't  take long. When she was 19 months old were diagnosed serious acute renal failure and atrophy one of kidneys (mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis, renal dysplasia).  In spite of laborious fight for her life, Koja's condition worsened, depriving her of her happiness and giving only the pain. With deep difficulty we have taken a decision about euthanasia and saying goodbye... ;(  In spite of pain and sorrow after losing  beloved girls we were convinced that  in our home will always Bernese Mountain Dog.


           After a few months, thanks to the trusting  which gave us Iwona (Eleuteria) in our home appeared Dalmisia, filling up all our life. 


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           The decision about carrying on breeding  wasn't accidental. We've been preparing for it a few years, studying the knowledge of cynology, genetic of animal and related sciences. We still learning.  Although breeding under the auspices of the Polish Kennel Club by definition is amateur breeding, we try to treat it fully professionally and with appropriate  commitment. However, it doesn't disturb us ;)  to love our dogs all-embracing and treat them on par with other family members.


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kennel  "Dziemionna"  - FCI Registration Number: 3896/D